Selling in Asia

Selling in Asia.

Asian consumer habits and motives differ significantly from those of Western societies. aumake has extensive experience working in this unique market and in-depth knowledge—especially in China—of the best sales methods to see your business thrive.


China is the biggest market in this region. It’s an immensely culturally diverse country, covering an enormous geographic area, and has a vast population. This means there are many different consumer groups, with extremely varying consumer motivations and behaviours.

The benefit of China’s vast population for Australian and New Zealand brands is that any segment of the consumer market is large enough to support several brands that may be similar to your own and have all find success in exporting to China.

Despite the large population, it’s imperative that you have a thorough understanding of the consumption habits of Chinese people. So when you start to export to China or any market, you need to select:

  • The right market
  • The right segment within that market
  • The right operational method, including marketing strategies, highlighting your point of difference, and creating an excellent user experience

But achieving these three points requires extensive market research, not to mention the often costly trial-and-error experiences for brands. We recommend that you engage an agency such as aumake, with its established knowledge and experience of the Chinese market. With aumake, you can cut straight to finding success in the ideal market for your product.

There are many common mistakes Australian and New Zealand brands have made when selling cross border to countries such as China. These include:

  • Believing the size of the market is enough to warrant entry
  • Having a limited understanding of the sales and marketing strategies needed
  • Using selling methods to which they are accustomed, instead of using a localised strategy
  • Not prioritising influencers, a critical tool when it comes to marketing to these regions.
What are influencers?

Influences play an important role in marketing to your new Asian customers, and they come in all shapes and sizes. At aumake, we refer to them all as influencers, but they mainly fall into these groups:

  • Daigou: People who buy consumer goods from foreign producers on behalf of other individuals or groups in China.
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Social media influencers with large followings who promote products and drive sales.
  • Key Opinion Consumers (KOC): social media users who are regular consumers, who share their views and opinions of goods and services, and have built a following of other social media users.

Please do not hesitate to contact the aumake team to learn more about how we will help your business succeed in selling to Asia and avoid the common mistakes Australian and New Zealand brands make.