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Exporting Australian and New Zealand agricultural products to China.

Your agricultural business needs to capitalise on the high demand in China for high-quality Australian and New Zealand produce. Engaging with the Chinese market will help take your agribusiness to the next level.

aumake connects Australian and New Zealand producers directly with profitable opportunities to enter the Chinese marketplace. We represent businesses that produce:

  • Dairy – including all forms of milk (such as powdered milk), cheese and other dairy products
  • Fresh fruits – such as mangoes, persimmons, exotics and your surplus of crops such as apples.
  • Seafood – lobster/crayfish, oysters, barramundi and other in-demand sea food options.
  • Honey – including raw honeycomb
  • Wine
  • Beef, mutton and lamb

If your agri business produce is not represented in this list, please do not hesitate to contact aumake for further information regarding your opportunity for export to China.

Logistics and Transport

Figuring out the logistics of exporting to China may seem impossible for your Australian or New Zealand based agribusiness due to factors such as the language barrier and cultural differences. Trust aumake, and don’t let the logistics hold you back.

aumake provides logistics and transport support for businesses exporting to China. This includes the organisation of appropriate transport vehicles and storage warehouses in AUS/NZ, international transportation of your products to China, and delivery to our distribution partners in China, all through the cold chain.

Sales Partners in China

aumake will connect your business with our established connections in China to ensure the success of your agricultural products.

Australia and New Zealand have a long history of trading produce, especially dairy, with China. aumake will introduce you to all the required channels for your business to contribute to this thriving trade.

To learn more about our sales and distribution partners in China, please do not hesitate to contact the aumake team.

Chinese Customs, Tariffs and Regulations

As a rule, when exporting to China, your exported goods undergo ‘quarantine inspection before customs declaration’ in order to be cleared for distribution in China.

All produce must go through Chinese customs, where tariff classifications will be made. Essentially, the level of tax you must pay to export to China will be determined in Chinese customs once your goods arrive. Chinese customs authorities are stringent when it comes to documentation, and all must be in order before shipping your goods.

aumake ensures that all our clients have everything they need to successfully trade with China, including documentation assistance and support throughout the customs process.

Australian Guidelines for Exporting Agricultural Products to China

To export your agricultural goods to China from Australia, you must abide by all legal requirements and Free Trade Agreement guidelines.

Australian agricultural products fall under the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA). To read more about ChAFTA, please see our ‘Exporting to China’ webpage.

Agribusinesses intending to export to China under the China Australia Free Trade Agreement must have all documentation required.

For further information regarding exporting your agricultural goods to China, please view the following websites:

New Zealand Guidelines for Exporting Agricultural Products to China

In order to export your agricultural goods to China from New Zealand, you must abide by all legal requirements and Free Trade Agreement guidelines. All the documentation required to pass smoothly through customs must be completed prior to exportation.

Dairy is New Zealand’s most significant export to China, accounting for $5 billion of the total exports in 2020.

To learn more about the New Zealand trade guidelines, please view the following websites:

Please do not hesitate to contact aumake for further details regarding exporting Aus/NZ agricultural products to China.


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