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Exporting Wine to China and Asia.

Australia and New Zealand have a long history of exporting wine to China.  aumake provides the guidance you need to continue finding success for your winery in the Chinese and Asian markets.

Exporting New Zealand Wine to China and Asia

New Zealand wine is extremely popular in the Chinese and Asian market, and China and New Zealand’s political relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

Resultantly, as Australia’s wine exports to China decrease, New Zealand wine is beginning to fill the gap.

Therefore, New Zealand winemakers could take this opportunity to meet the growing demand. aumake provides wineries with all the tools required to succeed in the Chinese market.

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Exporting Australian Wine to Asia

It’s never been more important to understand the trade relationships between Asia and Australia regarding wine. Political tensions, allegations of ‘dumping’ and tariff changes have resulted in a significant drop in the amount of wine China imports from Australia, for example.

Therefore, it is imperative that Australian wineries have a trustworthy representative to help form new relationships within the Asian market.

aumake connects Australian winemakers with our established network of local contacts to give your business the foothold it needs to succeed in Asia. Our experienced, bi-lingual team guides your business throughout all stages of exporting to ensure positive and productive communication.

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Our Services

aumake ensures that every step of exporting your wine to Asia and China runs smoothly. Our services cover all aspects of exportation and sales, guaranteeing your product reaches its target market. These include:

  • Marketing – with both AUS/NZ based and Asian-based services.
  • Networking – connect your winery with our established contacts in Asia to secure new opportunities.
  • Securing Export Grants
  • Freight, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Customs and Tariffs Support
  • Sales Force of 30,000+
  • E-Commerce & Online Store – live streaming and customer service

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information regarding the services aumake offers Australian and New Zealand wineries.