Want to connect your business to the Asian community at Home and Abroad?

Now you can, With aumake. And it couldn’t be simpler.


We make it easy for Australian and New Zealand brands to sell goods and services to a sizeable Asian consumer market—at home (AU/NZ)—and overseas.


How do we do this?

Our vast local knowledge and expertise in Asian markets means we can provide you with an eCommerce platform that takes care of all your export and cross-border business with Asia. And we support you with essential marketing and tools.
You’ll have direct access to your Asian customers, both at home, and overseas, with aumake. We provide eCommerce, social media, and live streaming—all in one location—with simple access and functionality.
You control your sales, marketing, and brand message.
Asian consumers make up a sizeable market and are an important key demographic for any local producer or retailer. But tapping into these markets has proven to be elusive—until now. The aumake platform is your solution. We help your business succeed by providing a direct channel to this important audience, along with tools and support.

We bridge the gap!


The team at aumake has extensive experience in promoting and selling products from a variety of industries from Australia and New Zealand. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes eCommerce, marketing, social media, advice, and export logistics. Industries in which we specialise include food products and fresh produce, health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and beverages, and mum and bub products.

Australian and New Zealand wines enjoy a good reputation among the Asian community, and we have a long history of exporting these products.

Beverages and Alcohol

Known for variety, freshness and high quality manufacturing processes, our products enjoy popularity on the dinner tables of Asian consumers.

Food Products

Australia and New Zealand enjoy a reputation for high quality, organic and ethically made beauty products, giving them premium status.

Health & Beauty

Thanks to our exceptional industry standards, health and wellbeing products, including supplements, are some of our top sellers among Asian consumers.

Health and Wellbeing

At the forefront of wellness, mum and bub products are the go-to brands for Asian consumers, and are in constant demand.

Mum and Bub

Tourism will return and we stand ready…

We work with some of Asia’s largest travel agents and tourism partners to develop strategies that will dictate the future of Asian tourism in Australia and New Zealand, delivering a captive audience of travellers to tourism operators.


For further information regarding aumake’s tourism tourism services, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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