Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AuMake?

AuMake International Limited is a retail company that listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in October 2017. AuMake owns and operates warehouses in both Perth, WA and Sydney, NSW as well as five physical retail stores in Sydney (with a sixth on George Street in the CBD to open in late 2017. The predominant customer base is Australian daigou and Chinese tourists however anyone can access the product range on offer.

Customers can purchase Australian products:

  • Directly via AuMake’s existing retail stores;
  • Via its online sales platform;
  • Online using WeChat Pay, Alipay, Unionpay and traditional paying methods; or
  • Wholesale directly via AuMake’s owned and operated warehouses.

Why shop with AuMake?

AuMake streamlines the entire sourcing, purchasing and delivery process, providing customers with a convenient one-stop-shop and a tailored in-store customer experience for the purchase of Australian products.

What products does AuMake sell?

Product categories range from well-known Australian brands and private label health products, skincare, infant formula and Australian wool products. However, we are always looking to partner with Australian producers and suppliers seeking to connect with Chinese consumers.

Where do AuMake source products from?

We work closely with a broad range of Australian suppliers, producers and distributors. Some of our long-term partners include well-known companies, Jurlique and Swisse. If you’re an Australian supplier looking to connect with Chinese consumers then have a chat to us about how we can do business together.

Are all products sold by AuMake authentic?

Absolutely. The success of our business relies on maintaining customer trust and building loyalty, which can only be delivered by ensuring all product sold through AuMake is authentic. We only work directly with Australian brands to ensure reliability, safety and authenticity. We have had a long-term partnership with well-known companies such as Swisse and Jurlique.

What is a daigou?

Daigou is the Chinese word for ‘to purchase on behalf of’.  Currently, customers living in China have three main avenues though which to purchase Australian products outside of China:

  • via online sales platforms;
  • through friends and family living in Australia; and
  • through friends and family visiting Australia as tourists.

The latter two are what’s referred to as daigou as they purchase the desired Australian brands on behalf of their Chinese counterpart and either take it back in person or send it by mail.

There are an estimated 40,000 daigous in Australia of varying sophistication and anywhere between 1,200 and 1,600 physical stores like AuMake, which cater to daigou buyers.

Why do Chinese consumers use daigou?

Chinese consumers in general don’t trust products made in China and therefore have a huge appetite for the ‘clean green’ reputation of Australian product, the lifestyle it represents and the security that its safely grown/manufactured. In the past counterfeit Australian product has been found in China, so Chinese consumers do not trust that the product in-market is authentic. In addition, brand penetration (and therefore trust in a product) is difficult to achieve, even via large online channels that have tens of thousands of products. Therefore, huge numbers of Chinese consumers rely on their family and friends living in Australia (or other trusted countries) to recommend and purchase product on their behalf – hence the term daigou.