Marketing to Asia has never been so easy

The aumake team makes it so simple for you to market to Asian countries that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We have the technical and cultural knowledge of marketing to Asian customers in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in their own countries.

When you want success with your products in these markets, it’s essential to understand the Asian marketing landscape, and the differences between customers from country to country.

Gaining an understanding of social media and eCommerce marketing methods, and forming the local connections required to successfully market your products in Asia, can be challenging, especially when each country has a different set of languages, cultural nuances and preferences.

But with the aumake online channel we simplify the whole process and bring all the tools needed to one easy location.

We have established connections in marketing in Asia. And we have in-depth knowledge of the marketing landscapes. These enable our experienced teams to handle all your marketing requirements. When your brand is on our platform, it’s immediately boosted in these Asian markets, and you’ll have options to scale up your marketing reach.

We provide you with a range of customised services, tailored to suit each individual market you choose. These support you to launch a recognised brand in Asia. We provide these services for new entrants to the market, or to those who are looking for a qualified service provider to manage them.

Our marketing services include:

  • Brand strategy development
  • Omnichannel marketing campaign creation
  • Live Streaming
  • Content creation
    • Video
    • Photography
    • Narrative / Product Story
  • Content management – social media schedules and uploading.

Support Hub
Our range of online tools support all merchants entering our platform, providing the help they need, and navigating the marketplaces of various Asian countries. Despite many of these countries using vastly different social media, eCommerce and live streaming apps than those you may be accustomed to, we simplify the process for you through our aumake Merchant Hub.

In the Merchant Hub, you will find how-to information, platform basics, marketing suggestions, eCommerce strategies, market overviews and more. We cover the most popular platforms, including WeChat, and offer tips for upselling and a value proposition for each individual market.

Our aumake Merchant Hub is the one-stop-shop for brands to get ahead when it comes to building a profitable online business targeting your Asian customers, at the pace you want, and at a budget, you can afford.

For further information regarding aumake’s marketing services, please do not hesitate to contact our team.